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Wow.... It's been so long that I can't remember what my title is. It's probably stupid, though. Or maybe not. I seem to recall having had some cool titles. Let's see... *post*

*edit* Oh. High Ward Trainee. I guess that's kinda cool. Sort of....

Movies and TV / Re: Inception (Potential Spoilers)
« on: October 12, 2010, 05:36:11 AM »
I loved this movie. And I really want to see it again. It just got into the cheap theatres here in town, and I think I might be going tomorrow. Two dollar Tuesdays. Beautiful. :)

As for the ending:

At the end, Philippa (Cobb's daughter) was in a very slightly different outfit. Before I saw the movie, I was told to pay attention to the kids' clothing, and so my friend and I (we were told to watch the clothes by her sister, who wasn't sure how to interpret the ending, but thought there might be something to find in the clothes) paid attention to the outfits.

Throughout the whole movie, whenever Cobb saw his kids in that dream-state, they were always in the same outfits. At the end, his son was in the same clothes, but his daughter had a white tee under her sleeveless red dress, which had capped sleeves and no white shirt every other time.

To me, this difference plus the fact that he saw their faces, indicates that it wasn't a dream.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Patrick Rothfuss's review of Way of Kings
« on: September 08, 2010, 01:26:17 AM »
I read that review a couple days ago when Pat linked to it on Facebook. Laughed so hard, especially at this:

Quote from: Patrick Rothfuss's Blog
“Brandon Sanderson is one of the great new writers on the scene today. And he’s not hard on the eyes either. Rawr.”


Brandon Sanderson / Re: Scribbler - 2011
« on: August 29, 2010, 05:50:31 AM »
Yeah, we were going to do it at the WoK release but we decided to wait until the Scribbler release.

Yes, and I'm happy about this change, because although I may miss the WoK release, Scribbler I will be there for. Definitely. I really want to ref this duel. Badly. So very badly....

Rants and Stuff / Re: Grumpiness in New, Seasonal Flavours
« on: August 28, 2010, 06:48:14 AM »
Spambot got into my Facebook, and sent everyone on my friends list that was currently online an IM that linked to a quiz of some kind.

Same thing happened to my brother this last week.

And Chris, I empathize. In a way. A few unexpected things have happened recently to me that I really would rather had never happened, but they were out of my control. And it sucks. But oh well. I'm used to this kind of emotional drain. What I'm not used to is this lack of caring what happens next that just started.

Anyway. More relatively on-topic. Grumpiness--I drove delivery tonight and made 34 bucks in tips, along with 10 for gas money. Unfortunately, I stuck all the tips/gas money back into the money bag with all the rest of the money, which was then dropped into the safe in my boss' office. And because my boss is a stingy little (*insert a word I'll not say because I really should be curbing my swearing habit*), there is less than a 1% chance I'll get it back. And with this idiocy, my chances of attending the WoK release party have been axed. Yeah, I'm more than a little peeved right now.

Rants and Stuff / Re: Grumpiness in New, Seasonal Flavours
« on: August 03, 2010, 04:46:09 PM »
I'm grumpy because I have a sharp pain in my upper back when I take a deep breath. This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have to take many deep breaths, but for some reason, it feels like I'm not getting enough air. So I'm yawning. A lot. And you know that feeling you get when you yawn that it's sufficed the air intake? Yeah, that doesn't happen most of the time I yawn. It still feels lacking....

I've attempted to live with it for the last two weeks. Over two weeks, actually. I can't remember exactly when it started...Anyway. I'm done with that. Now for a doctor.

Rants and Stuff / Re: These Stupid Titles IX: Still Without a Title
« on: August 02, 2010, 04:35:17 PM »
Being a trainee is boring. I want a change.

Also, it's nice to see you again, Monsta. Probably won't be for long, but hello again. :)

I agree. The top dropped. Plus, the girl's outfit was slightly different at the end than it had been from the other times she was shown.

And yes. The similarities are definitely archetypal. No doubt about that. I just don't normally see it so strongly probably because movies are generally much weaker than this. Nolan knows how to make his films. And Sanderson knows how to write. Both know great story-telling.

Funny you should mention this, because when I saw it, my friend kept saying she wanted to read the book. Obviously, it's not a book, and she knew that, but it was so awesome, that she wanted to read a book that was similarly awesome. And because I also saw some vague Mistborn similarities, I suggested Mistborn to her.

And when I say Mistborn similarities, I mean in part the specialties of each individual character. The Architect. The Chemist. The Forger. When they were going through those, all I could think about was the Smoker, the Thug, etc. Couple that with the seeming impossibility of the heist, and..yeah. I particularly saw the similarities in the scene where everyone was in the warehouse talking about how to go about getting Fischer and everything they'd have to do. Reminded me distinctly of the part in Mistborn, where they're all in the attic conversing on how to take down TLR. There are some other things I noticed in the movie, but those two--the characters, and the plot--are the ones that really stuck out to me.

So, yeah. You're not the only who saw similarities.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Magic of the Stormlight Archives
« on: July 16, 2010, 06:55:48 AM »
Hoid is also most likely somehow connected to shard, however, if he is, it is not one of the previously mentioned six.

Hoid's would still be one of the six. His would be one of those we haven't met directly. Either the one we've seen the power of, or the influence. I'm thinking the power one, because it's probably the power of the shard that gives Hoid the ability to manipulate Shadesmar.

Rants and Stuff / Re: Grumpiness in New, Seasonal Flavours
« on: July 16, 2010, 06:22:48 AM »
I work at a food place, and occasionally I am the delivery driver. Tonight, I arrived at work and my boss told me we had two timed deliveries. One for 6:30, one for 10:30. We normally close shop at 10, but oh well. Each delivery is $130, so I can understand staying open a little later. He tells me I'll get $15 in tips for each one, because that's what he was told.

For the first, I got $5. For the later one, I arrived slightly early, and was made to wait 20 minutes. And got no tip....So I went in tonight thinking I'd walk out with at least $30 in tips, and I made $14--calculating in 4 non-related deliveries. Some nights, I hate my job.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Magic of the Stormlight Archives
« on: July 15, 2010, 04:35:42 PM »
Ah. Yes. That makes much more sense....and actually, now that you state it like that--with even just a paraphrase--I'm starting to remember reading that....

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Brandon Book List
« on: July 14, 2010, 08:43:32 PM »
No, it was a game Brandon was playing with one of the Dragonmount guys. They were showing it live as well, with a live chat, and they had someone reading some of what people were writing on the chat. Miyabi wrote something, the person read it, Brandon asked who wrote it, the person said, and Brandon said "Oh, he's one of my friends." Or something along those lines....It was funny.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Magic of the Stormlight Archives
« on: July 14, 2010, 08:33:06 PM »
I caught the sarcasm. It was pretty thick in my opinion.

I agree.

Also, I swear I've heard the total number of magic systems throughout SA is in 30's as well. I didn't hear an exact number, but I remember hearing "30's" and thinking "What the...?!" Unfortunately, I can't remember where I heard/read it at....

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Brandon Book List
« on: July 14, 2010, 08:18:46 PM »
Unless he has some ‘in’ with Brandon we don’t know about.   :)

Well, ya know, Brandon did refer to him as one of his friends during that Magic game...

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