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I am not sure it was the earring that kill her sister. I am at work, without my book, but I think that earring had the sister's blood on it or something to that nature.

And you would have to have Misting/Feruchemy..etc and Non-Misting/Feruchemy..etc league sports....kinda unfair for someone who can't burn pewter to fight or play against someone who can.

Not sure if allomancers would be openly allowed to participate in sports, but if they were then Atium would be a banned substance, like steriods for all sports except fighting sports. Olympic Games: metal horseshoe marathon racing!!! Shotput and hammer throw!! funny, very funny!!

Hey guys, can anyone remember in which book Brandon described Vin's and eye color?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Warbreaker Cover
« on: October 25, 2008, 04:28:28 PM »
Ok, so I'm a little lazy, and busy with exams, papers and cocky wannabe-god-like Profs to do the research, but does anyone here know when can I go BUY a copy of Warbreaker? I have the online copy, but I am DYING to get my hands on a HC!!!

Hey got a quick question, and I am not sure the relevance, but atium let's one see the possible futures, correct? Wouldn't that be the same as see the complete future? If only for a brief time frame, but when El burned it with duralumin in the end-game against Marsh, he must have seen even further, of course he would have seen his death, then Vin's sacrifice, possibly Sazed's ascension, and maybe even the completion of the new world. That's probably why he said "It's up to you now, Vin. I've done what I can",HoA.

I was thinking that Ati or Atium sounded a little like Atum...which is the Eygptian god known as the complete one, or the creator...the underlying force behind life, and at the end of the creative cycle, his body turns in to...get this....watery chaos...sound familar?

4. Chromium mistings.  What would they be called (as in Lurcher, Rioter, etc)?  I'm guessing it'd be unprintable.  "Heeey, some [unprintable] just depleted my metals!"
expletive as in "[Expletive], some [expletive] just depleted my [expletive] metals!"

10. Symmetry.  Since there's so much overt symmetry, I went looking for more.  Consider a love triangle, where the happy couple both die as self-sacrificing martrys, and the third wheel ends up still alive and very powerful.  That could describe Elend-Vin-Spook, or Kelsier-Mare-Marsh.  Or I could be overreaching again.
didn't Vin turn Spook down though? I thought if anyone would have come between Vin and Elend, it would be the memory of Kelsier....sometimes I could swear Vin had a crush on him.

Nonsense, calculus is never tough. You just have to find the second antiderivative of a non-polynomic equation, how hard could it be?
Posted on: Today at 09:31:10 PMPosted by: Chaos2651 
I have to take Business Calc next semester... I could really use Atium!

Pg. 407 - "You want to be like Kelsier? Really like Kelsier? Then fight when you are beaten!"

Not too sure about that one, but I think you're right on the other ones.The reason I think this may seem naive, but, in the other 2, the speaker addresses Spook by name, which the quote from 407 doesn't have. I also could be wrong, though.  

Brandon knows Korean? Hmm, just one more thing that makes me respect the man!

Brandon Sanderson / Re: If Mistborn was a movie. . . .
« on: October 21, 2008, 12:11:52 AM »
That's true, but where's the fun in that?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: If Mistborn was a movie. . . .
« on: October 20, 2008, 12:00:13 PM »
Morgan Freeman is a good call
Shatner might make a good Breeze, but maybe a better Dockson
Chris Rock for Breeze.
Katherine Heigl dead on!
Maybe Keanu for the Lorder Rule or Marsh
Viggio could be Kelsier, those eyes will make anyone a follower male or female!
Orlando Bloom as Elend!!!
Can you really imagine Jean-Luc a god??? LoL...I guess he'd actually be able to 'Make It So!'

As far as the animated series, just as long as it's not the cliche stuff, then go ahead:
Animated Cast:
 Kelsier: Viggio
Vin: Summer Glau
Elend: Orlando Bloom
Lord Rule: Keanu
Breeze: Chris Rock
Spook: Hayden Christensen
Zane: Christian Slater
Ham: A.C. Slater..pysche... Christian Bale
Sazed: Morgan Freeman
Club: Tommy Lee Jones or Samuel L. Jackson
Marsh: Anthony Michael Hall
did i miss anyone???

I thought something was wrong, my bookstore didn't know they had it in, and only had 2 copies, of which I bought one (I had already bought it online through them too, so had 2 copies!)
I gave away my paperbacks when I got my hardcovers....when MB3 goes that to give my girlfriend the complete she won't touch my HCs!!

I just wonder how in the world you wrote so much, I am having trouble getting one book down on paper....but that's a topic for another thread.... I'm just glad you didn't give up, your books are inspiration to us all, hence all these fanatics talking about fictional characters as if they were flesh and blood, and most of us wish they were, I know I do!

The guy that wrote the neg-review on amazon about Brandon's character development must be a bit delusional. I have read a lot of fantasy in the few months and must say that From Elantris to Warbreaker...everyone of his characters seem to be on point, real and tangible, have the right evolution for their part, and I might add, if they were based on real people, man I would love to be their friends. Vasher/Kelsier just has this cavalier way about him, Vin was so real to me that I almost cried when she sacrificed herself to avenge El, and the way Brandon developed her, I would have sworn he had a degree in psychology or channeled someone's younger sister/daughter...

And Brandon, if I haven't praised you enough, allow me to just say, in the last 5 months I have read numerous series from numerous author from, Morgan Howell to Patricia Briggs to R.A. Salvatore, and I must say you definitely brought something new to the genre and on a major scale!!! Thank you!

Just put my .02 cents in review form of amazon. I hope I wasn't too over the top, but hey it's for Brandon, so what's over the top? I read some of those guys and wondered if they were just jealous So anyone else post a review on amazon?

Ookla, is there a way for me to read Dragonsteel? I have been seeing it pop up in this forum and it's starting to drive me out of my mind...arrgh! Head swimming, room's spinning...mist is tapping on my window....

Seriously I would be all over that, and I would love to see allomancers in space, but it could be very hard to pull off.
(not sure if i did that right)...
Anyway, Ookla...I think the SF allomancers have to be extremely careful, their powers are gravitational, in space it could come off as a 'Force'-like ability and then that's a whole other mess! Now, if they went to other planets...maybe, but can you imagine a Coinshot with bad aim, or a Thug that punches the wrong wall? Or someone trying to Pull/ could get really messy.

I imagine that there could be a not-so-lame way to bring Vin, Elend, and Kelsier back, but not as normal players. I could imagine, that if Sazed can't return their souls, he could use them as spiritual emissaries. The could help share the load of watching over the new world, with occasional whispers and hints here and there. Maybe Sazed could send them to other planets as ambassadors to further his influence on other planets so that in the future trilogy allomancy will work on other worlds. This might work as long as it doesn't go the way of Mt. Olympus and such...

Maybe Hoid is like Sazed, maybe he has the combined forces of one shard that allows him to be at the right place at the right time to further the cause/plight of the story, but he has a 'prime directive'-like rule that he can not expose his power or the answers. Maybe we'll find out that all the stories are indeed on the same planet....Imagine that!!! Dor vs Allomancy/Hermalurgy/Feruchemy vs Chromatic Breathes.....forgive my tangent, but what if one could obtain all 3 powers from each book.... scary individual...maybe Hoid....

Father and Mother....sounds like a RAFO question...

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