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Brandon Sanderson / Re: If Mistborn was a movie. . . .
« on: November 05, 2008, 03:06:23 PM »
Lord of the Rings used an unstained cast and the imagery and personailties they portrayed were strong and pure - and I think the same thing could come along here. 

Lord of the Rings had a quite veteran cast, actually. Liv Tyler, Ian McClellan, Christopher Lee, Cate Blanchart, Sean Astin, john Rhys-Davies, Hugo Weaving, Sean Bean...   not exactly a cast of unknowns, and thats just from the 1st movie.

Elijah Wood has been in quite a few things before LotR too...

Brandon Sanderson / Vin Vs Shan
« on: November 05, 2008, 02:58:10 PM »
I'm gonna go with the fight between Vin and Shan Elarial in the first book. Sure, it might not be the most epic of fight scenes in the books, but it had a definate sense of danger and awe and it was, IMO, the best written fight. The archers, the atium, the whole fight was just awesome. Vin's trick of shutting off her atium early to make Shan think she ran out... brilliant. And it didn't require bending the rules like the fight with Zane did. (OK, I understand how she did it, but how she managed to change direction of her swing so fast and still have enough force to kill Zane with it was kinda cheap, IMO).

When Vin's pwning Inquisitors at the end of HoA I was kinda meh. Oddly enough, I think it would have been more suspensefull if there were fewer Inquisitors involved. Apparently the Inverse Ninja Law applies to Steel Inquisitors as well. I know it was supposed to show just how awesome Vin was, but really it made the Inquistors just look like chumps.

If that were the case, then there would never be seasons or night time on Luthadal, just 100% daylight all the time.
Since we know for a fact that night happens eventually...

What I learned from all this is not to be afraid of drafts.  I usually feel that my story needs to be near perfect the first time out, but now I realize that it's a first draft.  Go ahead and info dump.  go ahead and go on tangents.  go ahead and get the main character (and all the side character's) names wrong.  Don't worry, because it's a first draft. 

Something too transparent the first time? move it farther down, or hint.  Beginning taking too long?  Cut.  oh for the love of sanity, cut.  But realize that the first draft is there to get the story on paper, like a lump of clay.  The other drafts are to make that book the best it possibly can be.

Amen to that. I just started writing a book, and in the first scene he appears in, an antagonist (as main as the book is going to get) acts pretty much like a straight-outta-Bond megalomaniacal jackass. Rather than going with my first temptation of rewritting it entirely within seconds of finishing it, I figured it'd be a better idea to finish the book, and rewrite it once I had a better grasp of the character.

Presumably Kandra know a few ways to kill kandra, the most efficient being acid (which presumably, if they eat another Kandra, their stomach acid (or Kandra equivilent to stomachs) would be enough to kill them, though you'd have to knock them out long enough to eat them alive... euch...

Starvation will also kill a kandra, hence why TenSoon was fed regularly when he was in the pit...

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Categories for metals: thoughts (HoA spoilers)
« on: October 27, 2008, 05:22:34 AM »
Don't underestimate the ability to control your own emotions. People that can't control their emotions are psychiatrically  classified as having an affective disorder, and tend to function poorly in society. The ability to conciously supress your own fear (or enhance your own courage), for example, would be a huge boost to a mistborn.
As someone who is themselves slightly bipolar, the ability to choose what emotions I have at a certain time would be a holy grail of powers. I'd definately be a much more productive and likeable person...

Maybe the ancient allomancers (before Alendi's time there were mistings, just not as common as they are now) burned away most of the world's Chromium supply?

The Kandra knew what the prophecies were at the time of Alendi and Rashek, not the original prophecy.

Hrmm, perhapse it was because she was inside and it was daylight when she had it out? That's my best guess.

I also was a huge fan of the ball scenes. I laughed out loud at least once in every ball in the trillogy. I was kind of sad that Well of Ascension didn't have a single ball...
Hero of Ages very much returned to the roots of the first book in a couple of ways, I loved the parts with Spook in Urteau, I loved the ball scene...

A couple more 'off the cuff' questions.

Would someone with Achlorhydia have difficulties burning metals? That is, do stomach acids have anything to do with the equation or just the fact that the metals make it to the stomach?

I don't even know if they have to make it to the stomach. We have characters who can down a vial of metal shavings and then instantly use their abilities, whereas it normally takes about 8 hours for food to travel down to the stomach. (If i remember Biology class correctly.) It might only need to be swallowed.

Also the term "Shards" of Adonalsium makes me think that whatever created the universe was broken off, and Ruin/Preservation are just parts of that. Or maybe it was never together in the first place, and  all the Shards had to work together.

Uh, the 8 hour figure is for it to get back out of the body after you eat it.  Stuff you eat gets to the stomach less than a minute afterwards...

My answer would be: Depends on who's saying it. Honestly its a to-may-to to-mah-to type thing as far as I'm concerned. Though personally I prefer A-tium to At-ium.

Buisness Calc probably won't get anywhere near as complicated as my previous post implied. I was using as many complicated sounding calculus terms on purpose to sound complicated. I used to tutor calculus, and really, if you can do algebra, then calculus is a walk in the park, especially Business Calc.

Nonsense, calculus is never tough. You just have to find the second antiderivative of a non-polynomic equation, how hard could it be?

I got the impression she would have had enough time, but she hesitated because he reminded her of Kelsier.

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