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In honor of Asmodean, I’ll say that there is a mysterious death in The Way of Kings that could use some resources devoted to it. I did not put it in there simply because of Asmodean, but as I thought about it after writing it, I said, “Oh wow, I wonder if people will pick up on that.” So there you go.
- Brandon Sanderson at the end of the interview

I feel like I've seen it mentioned elsewhere that he didn't actually kill Gaz off, so I don't think it's him.  There are mysteries associated with Shallan's father's death and Gavilar's death, but who they were killed by is no mystery.  I looked on some other forums, and some people think that it is Shallan's brother's death.

There was that matter of the strange collection of maps they’d found in his study. What did they mean? He’d rarely spoken of his plans to his children. Even her father’s advisors knew very little. Helaran—her eldest brother—had known more, but he had vanished over a year ago, and her father had proclaimed him dead.
  Shallan's thoughts on her brother

My personal theory was that the Shardbearer Kaladin killed was Nan Helaran, simply because the time of death and nationality match up (Edit: and both individuals were associated with the Ghostbloods).  But if it was Nan Helaran, I don't see this mystery being sustained as long as the mystery of Asmodean's death was in WoT.

Any other theories for mysterious deaths, and could someone source wherever I got the impression that we'll be seeing Gaz again?

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