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Brandon Sanderson / Thaidakar *Spoilers*
« on: September 09, 2010, 11:07:03 PM »
Brandon did a very good job of leaving us with more questions than answers at the end of this book (and that's exactly what the first part of a huge series should do!). Anyways, I have a huge number of questions pertaining to Thaidakar and the Ghostbloods, since those names popped up in so many different points-of-view. For reference:

* Gavilar initially thinks that Thaidakar is the one who sent Szeth after him and is very concerned with keeping the black sphere (personal theory: it's a sphere infused with voidlight as opposed to stormlight) away from Thaidakar.

* After Kaladin kills the Shardbearer, Amaran's advisors talk about how the Ghostbloods are growing bolder and can't understand why Thaidakar would risk the Shardblade and Plate in the border dispute.

* Jasnah is convinced that the Ghostbloods (and possibly other organizations) are attempting to have her killed.

* We are led to believe that Shallan's father was a member of the Ghostbloods.

So... who is Thaidakar? My guess is that he's Taravangian, but that's based on no real evidence. Also, will Amaran be an ally since he is opposed to Thaidakar/Ghostbloods, or does he fall under the category of "other organizations?" Finally, does Shallan's father being a Ghostblood have anything to do with her Shardblade?

Bah! So many questions...

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