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Brandon Sanderson / Roshar and the Ocean. (very minor spoilers)
« on: January 08, 2011, 01:53:52 AM »
Every being that we've encountered so far, other than humans, seems to be just a play on an ocean creature.  Knowing Brandon's amazing writing skills, there must be some reason that everything seems like it could underwater.  For some reason, when I think about it, I just think about Spongebob and how it doesn't really appear to be underwater (most people in the show are stuck to the ground).  Chulls are like giant crabs, theres flying eels, and even spren could be like a microorganism (or in the case of Syl an intelligent shrimp!).

I'm not hatin' on WoK, I loved pretty much everything about the book, but I'm curious if Brandon has said anything somewhere that I haven't seen.  It seems like something that he did on purpose, but I have no idea.

Also, I talked to my mom about this, who hasn't read the book but enjoys other fantasy series (like WoT), and she said that maybe it really is underwater, with some weird sense of gravity.  While I don't follow her line of thought, I was wondering what other people might have though about this.

Brandon Sanderson / Time-Waster's Withdrawal
« on: December 18, 2010, 10:15:22 PM »
Randomly decided to check this today and its up!  I'm so ridiculously happy to waste as many as hours as possible pouring over what people think about everything! :D

Okay.. So I finally saw the new movie Inception that everyone has been talking about.  Just before we got to the theater, my friend was talking about the first Mistborn book (which I suggested he read), and how awesome it is blah, blah.  The usual stuff you hear from someone talking about Mistborn.

So going into Inception, all I could think about was Mistborn.  This lead to some extremely interesting ideas.  Every character that appeared seemed to fit the characters from Mistborn:

Vin - Similar to Ariadne.  Ariadne is extremely advanced at the architecture of dreams, much like Vin is extremely advanced with Allomancy.  Even at early stages, Cobb is shocked at how fast Ariadne picks up the techniques.  This is quite similar to the Vin and Kelsier connection.

Kelsier - Similar to Cobb.  Cobb is the "Master" of the dream world.  He even goes as far to say something like "I am the best there is."  Kelsier is often seen, at least from Vin's stand point, as the best Mistborn fighter.  Remember the scene where Kelsier fought the Steel Inquisitor, shortly before he died?  He shows his extreme expertise on multiple occasions.    Also like Kelsier, Cobb lost his wife, and he almost seems crazy at some points, although this may be because I recently saw Shutter Island :P.  Either way, Cobb and Kelsier share many similarities.  They both start a "thieving" crew (one is for thoughts).  They both lost the ones they loved, etc.

Elend - Similar to Fischer.  The biggest difference between these two is that they aren't romantically involved with the same character (Vin/Ariadne).  He reminds me of Elend because he is thrown into the middle of powerful forces, and really doesn't realize what is going on, or at what magnitude.  He also has a serious father issue. 

Sazed - Similar to Cobb's father.  He seemed to be the all knowing, helpful character, that often warned Cobb of the dangers that he was embarking on, but went with it anyway.

Yeden - Similar to Saito.  Saito is the funder of the endeavor, similar to Yeden.   

Even the plot itself is similar in a few ways.  The Kelsier figure creates a nearly impossible plan, and recruits the best crewmen around the world to work for him.  Cobb is an international criminal, similar to TLR's dislike of Kelsier.

Idk, just thought some of the similarities were crazy.  Obviously, there isn't allomancy, etc.  But it has its own form of "magic" in it.

What do y'all think?

Brandon Sanderson / "Death" of Ruin and Preservation
« on: June 03, 2010, 11:17:40 PM »
Okay, so I finished Hero of Ages today, and it was just as amazing as I hoped it would be.  Every question I wanted to be answered, was answered.  The only thing I really am not sure about, is at the very end, when Sazed sees Vin body land beside Elend, and then the other body which Sazed only described as "a man with red hair".  This description just seems too specific for me, and I've searched these forums hoping to find an answer, but have not found one yet, so I started my own thread.

So, is there an official answer to my question?  Or is there a widely believed speculation?  I just feel that because Preservation had a "champion" of sorts in Vin, that perhaps Ruin also obtained a champion..  I vaguely remember in an earlier book a red-headed person being mentioned.. but it is such a vague memory, that I wouldn't even be able to tell which book it is from.

Any help would be appreciated :D

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