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Brandon Sanderson / mistcloaks
« on: March 15, 2010, 09:23:27 PM »
Hello, I'm new here!

I'm working on making a mistcloak for a con I'm going to next week, and basically I just wanted to share that with people who would actually know what I was talking about, rather than just nodding and smiling. I'm also interested in seeing mistcloaks that other people have made -- I've looked around this forum and it looks like several people have done this project, but I've only found pictures of two (which looked great, btw).

My department at school has a special type of sewing machine which will cut and fuse the edges of synthetic fabrics, so that's how I'm doing the fabric strips. Right now I've got just over 200 strips of fabric in various shades of grey, I'm not sure if they'll all make it into the finished piece or not. Some of them lean a little towards the purple side of grey, but I think that all together they will make a nice effect. For the yoke, I'm going to use the top bit of this pattern:, cut off just below the shoulders.

I'll post some pictures as I start to actually put stuff together. Again, I would love to see more pictures of mistcloaks that anyone else has made!

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