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Brandon Sanderson / Your Sanderson Playlist (*SPOILERS!*)
« on: September 01, 2009, 03:33:19 AM »
I know there was a topic about this once upon a time, but after I didn't see it in the first few pages, I thought I'd create a new one.  Necro-posting is bad, after all.

I've found a few songs that remind me of particular scenes of Sanderson books (all of them, in my case, are Mistborn related, but I think that speaks more to my music tastes than anything else).  So here's what we do... we list the book, the song, and then the scene the song reminds us of (or not, if it's just the book or characters in general).

The most glaring one for me is: (SPOILERS!  READ NO FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT READ MISTBORN 3!)

Mistborn: Hero of Ages, Welcome to the End by Celldweller - the scene this reminds me of is the end, when Vin is confronting Ruin, the atium Mistings are losing, and Elend is dying at the hands of Marsh.  Song link -

Mistborn: The Final Empire, Distraction by Apocalyptica - Kelsier's fight with the Inquisitor near the end.  Song link -

I had others, but I'm out at the moment.

Post yours!

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