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Books / I need a good short story!
« on: March 22, 2009, 10:38:29 PM »
Hey all,

Does anyone have a solid short story that they could recommend?  Fantasy preferably...though I'm also up for anything comic (a combination of the two would be awesome :) ).  Anywhere between like 10-30 pages would work perfectly.

I have been trying to get a copy of Dreamsongs by George R.R. Martin, but no one seems to have it in stock in our area. 


Brandon Sanderson / What character would you put in The Wheel of Time?
« on: January 14, 2009, 05:13:19 PM »

First, if you haven't read this yet, read this as if you don't, you may be a bit confused.  If you could create a character for Brandon to use in The Wheel of Time, who would they be?

I would probably have to create a new character from scratch, as all the ones that come to my mind are from my own stories.  Though, if I just picked one, it would probably be.....


Here's the first page of a short story I wrote about him:

Quote from: Wielder from "Tyrant"
   Atrius rubbed the sweat from his forehead.  His dark hair was plastered to his face, weaving itself into the beard that shrouded his jaw.  Two steady brown eyes peered out through his strained face, reflecting his weariness.  His white shirt showed the signs of a good day’s work—soaked so thoroughly that he saw almost no point in having it on.  His sword sat sheathed at his side.  The day had dragged on as he made his way to a lake that was all too far from the city walls.  Soft silvery waters waited ahead of him, reflecting the last rays of light as the sun slowly slid out of the sky. 
      Just a few more steps and I can be done with you.
   His left hand grasped a cloth coat that dragged behind him.  It was slightly stained in places where its owner must have been a little careless with his evening wine, but it didn’t cover the new stains Atrius had added.  Light lingered on blood that seeped down the fine brown fabric creating an illusion of hot embers that ate away at the cloth, leaving it charred.  The coat clung to a body; its lifeless legs dragging across the ground, no longer able to escape.  Atrius turned to make sure he wasn’t making much of a mess.  His eyes studied the path behind him, searching for any blood that may have trickled to the ground.  He scanned the area, his steady eyes grazing over every detail he could see and there were no signs of life—except for him, of course.  Trees obscured his vision but he doubted that anyone would be hiding behind them this close to sunset—almost everyone was inside the city walls at this point, save for bandits that skulked in the darkness waiting to ambush a careless traveler.  His eyes finally made their way to the lifeless body behind him.  Blonde hair covered half its face.  The head dangled to the side slightly, revealing a tattoo of a dagger on its neck.  He didn’t see a man; just a disruptive tool that needed to be disposed of—no more than a broken wheel.  Utterly useless. 

He's a kings...assassin for lack of a better term.  I wish I could just paste the whole thing since I'm not sure if the second paragraph will make much sense without getting a bit further, but, I think this will do. 

So what about you all?  Who would you write into The Wheel of Time?

Video Games / Prince of Persia
« on: December 05, 2008, 07:06:08 PM »
Has anyone gotten the new prince game?  I got it on Wednesday, and it's so much freaking fun.  I'd definitely recommend it for any platformer, action adventure, or Prince fan. 

Brandon Sanderson / Mistborn 2 Chapter Forty-nine Annotation
« on: November 22, 2008, 06:17:13 PM »

Straff Plot Climax with the Poison

And, finally, we get back to Straff. His cycle is filled with quite a few short little scenes, and I suspect that many readers won't pay attention to them. Still, if I'm going to give someone a viewpoint, I like to give them conflicts and problems unrelated to the other characters. It makes the characters and their lives more real. In this case, Straff's problems with a former mistress surface in a revenge ploy.

As I said, it's a small thing, rather unrelated to the overall plot of the novel. When Tor was pushing for me to cut the book (which I didn't end up doing) I left these scenes because I felt that they 1) Worked quite well and 2) I think they gave a little more depth to the story, showing that characters have lives other than the main plot.

The mistress lies here, by the way. Going cold turkey on that drug probably wouldn't have killed Straff. It might have, but probably not. Still, being under her power probably wouldn't have been very fun for him. He didn't kill her intentionally--he really was just losing control of his anger under the influence of panic and poison. This is one of those little twists that I hope feels very realistic under the circumstances, but is also unexpected. 

Brandon, I just have to say that I am glad that you fought to keep the Straff sections in.  I indeed thought it added another level to the book.  I think Straff was an excellent villain, and getting to see stuff from their end makes the story more dynamic.  He had reasons to do the things he was doing, he was also a bastard while doing them--it made him 'human.'

What did other people think?

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