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Brandon Sanderson / Re: Brandon To Write Wheel of Time Book 12
« on: December 14, 2007, 02:16:35 AM »
Currently wishing someone had told Borders ahead of a time, so i could be reading your other books  right now

I totally agree... Borders dropped the ball on this one! As I posted before I tried to go there and none were in stock. I have purchased them on amazon and did the 1 day shipping hoping to start them this weekend, but thanks to the holidays they arent due to arrive until monday!

So much for the 1 day shipping- it cost more than the 2 books together!!! (I guess a couple days wont hurt me, but I have been searching aimlessly for a new good author and haven't been satisfied and after hearing Harriet hand pick Brandon Im totally psyched for these books!)

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Brandon To Write Wheel of Time Book 12
« on: December 12, 2007, 11:45:31 PM »
Hi everyone! I heard word of Brandon taking over tWoT on Monday and wanted to go out and buy one of his books on tuesday but there that ice storm... Sooo I went out today and Borders didn't have any in stock!!! They were all sold out! Im going to order tonight online at Amazon.... Im really excited to learn of a new author and to have my favorite series finished. I have been passing on word, but the women at my work don't really read anything! Congrats to Brandon from me and my two sisters and we will be checking in here and dragonmount!!

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