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Wonderfully written series.

I wrote something on these forums when I had just read The Final Empire, as this was a somewhat randomly recommended book that turned out to FAR exceed what I had hoped. When I walked into B&N and still had trouble finding the Hero of Ages right after it's release, I was frankly surprised (I ended up not being able to wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrive at my apartment). However, I suppose the marketing process for books/authors is much different than for other things.

I havn't really caught up with the forums yet and I don't want to ask overly redundant questions, so I'll hold them off.

For specific praise, I really feel you had a good number of narrative POV's throughout the series. That combined with the fact that I invest myself heavily into the characters/plot, both of which were amazing, makes this trilogy honestly one of the most enjoyable series I have ever read. Thank you,

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Warbreaker: Free Ebook
« on: February 08, 2007, 03:24:57 AM »
I think some important things were covered in this chapter.

I was just wondering if Lightsong's past self is a character who has been mentioned by other people in the story. Better said, if he is connected to Denth and Vasher at all (or anyone else)

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Warbreaker: Free Ebook
« on: February 06, 2007, 08:51:12 AM »
First off, let me say that I am by no means a literary expert. In fact, you'll quickly notice I probably don't know at all what I'm talking about, and say little through many words. I'm a math/physics to be linguistics major at Seattle University (Which Brandon apparently visited a few days before I started reading his book), and I love fantasy.

That said, I read a lot of fantasy, tor and other, and I enjoyed reading all three of the books Brandon has available (or 2 3/4). I'd just like to put forward some of my questions, and mild criticisms.

1) I read that you want this book to be a bit lighter than Mistborn and have less self-conflicted characters (I think), but you seem to have a small case of 'Robert Jordan' syndrome. You have what could be beautifully developed characters, but after a while I think they tend to 'speak' similarly. By speak I refer to inner dialogue and actual spoken dialogue. You may or may not be planning on changing this, and that's fine. It doesn't take too much away from anything, IMO.

2) I think I would have enjoyed a few more short chapters from Vasher's POV or even sections of chapters throughout the book.  You could probably do it without over-foreshadowing what is going to happen. It could even be misleading. Even a few short paragraphs from some of the more well known minor characters could be colorful.

3) You might have mentioned pacing, if I recall (That is another Robert Jordan thingy that gets me sometimes). I can't see the complete package, so I don't really know how much it needs to change.

4) I may have read the wrong draft, but if not I agree that the maid coming to join Siri didn't work too well.

5) You mentioned you haven't finished adding all the foreshadowing yet, but I like what you have in place for Vivenna. Added some much appreciated change of pace to an already exhillerating story.

6) You may have just designed it this way, but why is it that Returned cannot Breathe things to life without dying? You may have answered it in the book, unfortunately I see more in terms of big picture, and sometimes miss details. Or maybe it is to come.

7) Character development of Peprin(is that his name?) seemed varying. I was surprised that Vivenna cared at all about who/what he liked disliked.

8) Is Idris planning anything? No short Kingly narratives planned?

I love reading this book, I think it was a great idea on your part to share it online. These forums have a very nice atmosphere as well. I look forward to your work in the future.

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