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Brandon Sanderson / Re: [Spoilers] Just finished Mistborn... confused
« on: August 11, 2010, 08:07:32 PM »
No, that's 16 different types of mistings, plus a much smaller group who have access to the 16 basic metals. It doesn't break the 16-rule to me, since you can just as easily consider Mistborn to be mistings, just all 16 types of mistings in one.

What I meant there is the numbers falling to the sickness were so precise that Mistborn couldn't be involved; whether you class them as misting or not, they're not one of the 16 variations, so would make an odd result. The book continuously says how exact the numbers were, it doesn't leave scope for any Mistborn, regardless of how rare they are.

The rest of what you say could easily be true, I just don't know :) - hence the thread I guess!

Brandon Sanderson / Re: [Spoilers] Just finished Mistborn... confused
« on: August 11, 2010, 06:24:56 PM »
When it comes to the logic behind the mistfallen, atium replaces cadmium for the purposes of the mistsickness.

I'm not sure I follow.  Elaborate.
Preservation operates by using the number 16 to show what is his influence.  So when the mists started snapping people in HoA, an equal portion of those people became a misting of each metal.  This left Preservation with a problem, he needed there to be atium mistings, but adding that into the mix would make 17 types of mistings instead of his preferred number of 16 to let Elend know what was going on.  So he, for the purposes of the mistsickness, replaced cadmium with atium because nobody knew about cadmium.  That let there be 1/16th of those taken by the mistsickness be atium mistings, or the mistfallen, so that Elend would clue into the pattern and have his super awesome army at the end.  This didn't alter the structure of allomancy at all, just the perception of it.

But how do atium-mistings exist in the first place? That messes up Preservation's magic number of 16 anyway, making it so there are 17 different types of mistings. And there are no specific Larasium-mistings, everyone and anyone can burn Larasium.

I get that Atium and Larasium are God metals, so the normal rules don't necessarily apply. I also understand that the God metals are powerful enough that they can be used in their opponent's magic system. The possibility of a Larasium spike being used to steal a certain power (or, IMO, all powers) from a victim doesn't bother me. And since Feruchemy can use Atium to store and tap age, I'd assume Larasium-minds are possible, which again, is completely fine.

But how can there be Allomancers who can use nothing but atium? These are people who were born with the correct genetic coding to allow them to burn metals to gain access to a small part of the power of Preservation. And yet, they use their Preservation power to burn Ruin, and nothing else?

No, to me, it doesn't seem to fit that there is a small subset of people in Preservation's magic system who don't use Preservation's power at all. If it was just mistborn, fine. They are so Allomantically gifted they can use the other God metal. If it was said that all mistings can burn their one basic metal, and atium too, I'd accept that. That would just mean that burning atium Allomantically requires some small bit of Allomantic potential. Even if it was set up so that anyone in the world, regardless of their Allomantic ability or lack of it, could burn atium, I'd accept that. It would fit in with Larasium just fine there. But to make it so that a small group exists that can exclusively burn atium confuses me.

And, why did Preservation not reveal any full-out Mistborn in Elend's army? Why not make all the Mistborn sick for 16 days instead of the Seers? They could have gotten rid off all the atium stockpile just as well, and killed more Koloss in the process.

And everyone here keeps referring to Cadmium as the metal replaced by atium for the purposes of Preservation's mistsickness. Is this just an example, or are we told anywhere that Cadmium specifically was replaced? How do we know it wasn't Nicrosil or Bendalloy that was substituted. Or the aluminum or duralumin gnats? Is there a quote that shows Preservation substituted atium mistings into the mistfallen? Or is that just speculation?

I'm reading as:

Preservation replaced Cadmium with Atium... not just in the Allomancy table but throughout the world, meaning Cadmium isn't actually a metal in the first 3 books, but will be in future. The effect is similar, Atium shows you the future and Cadmium lets them slow down time, so it almost fits. Anyone who was an Atium misting became a Cadmium misting when Sazed remade the world, I guess...

I thought Mistborn would've been better but if you think about it, 16 metals + a chance of Mistborn would give 17 and that doesn't fit properly. I suppose potential Mistborn can't be Snapped/affected by mistsickness.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: How did you find out about Brandon Sanderson?
« on: August 10, 2010, 02:30:26 PM »
I read the Farseer and Tawny man trilogies by Robin Hobb then went after something similar, I noticed she was quoted on the back of Brandon's books and never looked back :)

Brandon Sanderson / Re: [Spoilers] Just finished Mistborn... confused
« on: August 09, 2010, 09:12:16 PM »
Don't forget that not all the metals are used for fighting. There could be very innovative ways of being a Leecher without it being in a fight. If it's part of a crew like we had in the first trilogy, I imagine they will be specialized for a certain task just like Breeze or Spook was.

I agree with you and I can see how it'd be a useful tool for imprisoning misting/mistborn and so on; I just think it's a bit too good. I mean, imagine the Zane-Vin fight with that metal involved - first to touch the other wins! Maybe there's a loophole I don't know, hopefully copperclouds stop it or something along those lines.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: [Spoilers] Just finished Mistborn... confused
« on: August 09, 2010, 08:36:09 PM »
Thanks everyone, I've pieced together a conclusion that I can live based on what you all said :D

Still not overly convinced by those Leechers though, might make for some very dull fight sequences! Hopefully it'll be watered down to reduce the effect of metals instead of remove them entirely? Here's hoping :)

Cheers for the books Brandon, in case you ever see this!

Brandon Sanderson / [Spoilers] Just finished Mistborn... confused
« on: August 07, 2010, 01:25:48 PM »

I literally just finished reading the books, which I couldn't put down, and ran off to look up these extra metals.

Seems there's now 18 metals? That seems to mess up a lot of the logic in the books to me. The number of mistfallen and so on relies on there being 16 metals. I thought 'ok, maybe Atium doesn't count towards the original 16 then'... but the Atium burner army, and the logic that made it, suggests otherwise. Even God/Sazed himself tells Spook that there's only 2 he doesn't know of, yet the wallchart that supposedly answers that question reveals 4 new metals!?

Can someone point me to an explanation please? :)

The books were so well done and everything linked with earlier parts of the story, this just seems like such an oversight. That aside, I don't even like the sound of the news metals! 2 Mistborn fighting would just come down to who could 'leech' the other's metals the fastest

Thanks for any help!

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