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I'm new here, Brandon is an awesome author, etc.

Questions about the development of allomancy in Future Scadrial...

(1) Would it be possible to design a machine that replicates whatever the "burning" process is in the human stomach, enabling a sort of automated allomancy? This would obviously be kind of worthless for metals like gold and electrum, since a machine doesn't really have a use for knowing what its alternate pasts or futures would be like, but a coppercloud engine would be rather useful, and I have a neat design for an iron- or steel- burning automobile engine... Not to mention that metal repulsion would be the obvious way to take Mistborn spacebound. It seems like it should be possible, since I think it was implied earlier in this thread that even a rock exists to some degree in all three realms, but obviously I don't actually know this.

(2) Scadrian transhumanism. Would the development of genetic engineering allow for the revival of Mistborns, or is that something that for whatever reason only lerasium can do? (I'm really curious about the chemical structure of lerasium and atium in general - they can be alloyed with normal metals, which implies they have electron shells, but the nucleus almost certainly can't consist of normal protons and neutrons...)

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