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1) I think it probably did happen numerous times during the Final Empire era, but in most cases probably the noblewomen "got away with it", i.e. the husband was not aware of it and the child was raised as a nobleman's son. Granted, if the noblewoman often slept with skaa men (or one man in particular) it would probably create rumours, possibly causing ministry (or husbandry) action.

I don't remember whether the books mentioned any instance of this happening, I have a vague feeling that this may be the case.

People already use atium, so if the whole point is to cause conflict then Ruin can already do that. Atium is Ruin's body, so I think once Ruin found the stockpile he would have his body back and be able to influence the world in more direct and less subtle ways.
That was the way I understood it too.

1. TLR stock-piled the atium to keep it away from Ruin. If he just let it grow in the Hathsin Pits, than Ruin would've known right where to find it, and he would've been much harder to defeat.

2. The atium slowly does dribble back to the Pits, but it takes about a hundred years.

3. Yes it is limited, because Ruin's influence is limited. TLR wants there to be a small amount of atium. He keeps a little bit in the market to keep his power, but the rest goes to the Trustwarren to keep out of the hands of Ruin.

Yeah, I forgot that the Trustwarren was covered in metal (meaning that Ruin couldn't detect it).

I still think it would have been smarter to consume the atium as soon as possible. If it takes a couple of hundred years to dribble back to the pits, Ruin can't access most of it anyway. Of course, that does not prevent some noble to stockpile it which may be the reason he did it (although it would be hard for the nobles to stockpile any significant amount as long as TLR control the Pits).

I loved the book, particularly the ending. I thought it felt just right for the series.

I plowed through the whole thread (OK, I was skimming some of the posts), but I wondered some things regarding the atium which I don't think has been discussed:

1. Why did the lord ruler stock-pile the atium? Given that Ruin wanted the cache it seems that it would have been wiser to make sure the atium was burned rather quickly, to protect it from Ruin's reach. (Was he influenced by Ruin maybe?)

2. What happens to the atium when burned? Does the amount of burned atium affect the amount "regenerated" in the Pits?

3. I guess that the total amount of atium in the world is limited. If the answer to 2 is yes, this seems to indicate that the stockpiling means that the amount of atium regenerated is much smaller than would otherwise be the case. If true, this also indicates that stock-piling is a bad idea.

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