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Brandon Sanderson / Re: Scadriel
« on: July 10, 2009, 04:00:11 AM »

I remember thinking the same thing Plasman, I had thought that when the world was turned by Vin, or TLR, the proscimity to the sun created the crack in the Elantris world, but was told that the two are one seperate worlds.  Mistborn taking place on Scadriel, Elantris taking place on Sycla.  Although, I still want to believe that they're on the same planet, it would just be so perfect. The one causing the other, cause and effect.  I mean, why would the two different parts give the planet the same name. If the Elantrian world doesn't know about the Mistborn world, and vice versa, they wouldn't give the planet the same name, so each world would have a different name. BUT of course i'm probably wrong.  Anyways, Elantris is on Sycla.

Thanks little wilson, got a bit confused there. Sycla should be it, that's what the book implies.

Thank you happyman and turbolinux999.  Those answers are perfect.

It's been a while since I read the Mistborn trilogy, but I was just thinking about this now.  In the first book, Vin kils The Lord Ruler with help from the mists/Preservation.  Why would Preservation help her? The Lord Ruler would have taken the power from the well for himself again, so why would Preservation stop this?  I might be completely confused or mistaken, but it doesn't seem to make sense....

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Ultimate Brandon Sanderson Showdown
« on: June 25, 2009, 04:30:57 AM »
1: Vin is just too fast for Raoden. Even if he was able to draw an energy Aon, she would be fast enough to dodge it, or if, as suggested by little_wilson, Raoden turned all of her metal into feathers, she would still win because she would carrying her glass daggers with her, and she would quickly kill him with those.  And this isn't even taking into account atium. One duralumin steelpush forward and either her with glass daggers unsheathed, or a handfull of coins would tear through Raoden. Vin wins.

2: Just like Kelsier's fight with the inquisitor, he grabs all of the metal possible and starts spinning it around his body. Until, that is, Kelsier gets bored of this and pushes all of it towards Dilaf. Instant death. Kelsier wins.

3: Susebron sends everything in the room towards Sazed. As Sazed is being choked by everything, he tries increasing his muscle and his body weight to stop the carpet and what not from choking him to death.  Unfortunatley, there's just too many objects and he's overwhelmed. Susebron wins.

4: The Lord Ruler pulls the metals out of Vasher's body, or puts more metal into Vasher's body.  You choose. The Lord Ruler wins.

5: Vivena is too new to Awakening. Spook wins.

6: Denth pulls out his sword quicker than the eye can see and runs at Marsh. Marsh then pulls the sword out of his hand and catches it, then pulls Denth towrds him using the swords sheath and skewers him with his own sword. Marth never even took a step forward.  Marh wins.

7: Vin vs. Kelsier. The apprentice and her master.  They both push away all of the other's metal and then run at eachother with glass daggers in their hands. As Kelsier gets closer to Vin she pulls her earing out of her ear and fires it through his face.  And if you're not satisfied with that, Vin has duralumin and fires coins at him at a speed too faster than he's ever seen. He dies.  Vin wins.

8: Susebron vs The Lord Ruler. The Lord Ruler burns atium and dodges everything Susebron throws at him, then when he's in close, kills him.  Or you know, he could pull the metal out of his body. The Lord Ruler wins.

9: Spook vs Marsh. Marsh rips through Spook. Marsh wins.

10: Vin vs. The Lord Ruler. Vin beat him last time by comeplete luck, she's not so lucky this time. She dies. The Lord Ruler wins.

11: Marsh vs. The Lord Ruler. The Lord Ruler pulls/pushes the other spike out of Marsh's head. The Lord Ruler wins.

Winner: The Lord Ruler

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Ultimate Brandon Sanderson Showdown
« on: June 25, 2009, 03:22:13 AM »
I don't think it necessarily fair that seons, lifeless, koloss can be used, because then whoever has the largest army would win, and there would be no skilled needed.  It wouln't matter how many seons or aeons Raoden could make if there's an army of Koloss or Lifeless running at him.  I think that koloss seons lifeless and even kandra should be ignored in the showdowns.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: **SPOILERS! The Shards of Adonalsium
« on: June 20, 2009, 07:47:58 PM »

What if the Shards in Warbreaker are Kuth and Huth.  At first I had thought that they were people, but in the epilogue Vasher states, "Ever heard of Kuth and Huth?", he asked.  "Sure," she said.  "They were your main rivals in the Manywar."  "Somebody's trying to restore them," he said.  pg 587.  What makes me think that they might be shards is that Vasher says that someone's trying to restore them, as apposed to trying to resurect them.  What if they had power over the word previously, but Vasher somehow changed what/who had power during the Manywar.  Plus the names seem kind of out of place with the rest of the book's character's names.

I don't know, it's just a thought.

Around the time I got and was reading Mistborn: The Final Empire, i had also got the "Sawdust" by The Killers, and therefore was reading the book at the same time I was listening to the cd.  Because of this I now associate and remember Mistborn whenever I hear the cd, and I even believe that if Mistborn was made into a movie the song "Move Away" would work perfectly in the trailer.  Even the songs "Under the Gun" and "All the Pretty Faces" seem o fit the books atmosphere so well.

I was just wondering if anyone also associates cds or songs with any of Brandon's books.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Hoid??
« on: December 21, 2008, 01:05:39 AM »
Here's the entire quote:
Readers have met four shards other than Ruin and Preservation.

You've interacted with two directly.
One is a tough call.  You've never met the Shard itself, but you've seen its power. 
The other one you have not met directly, but have seen its influence.

I didn't put the entire quote before because I didn't think it was pertinant, I know see that it is, sorry.  More information is on the shards thread.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Hoid??
« on: December 20, 2008, 05:09:40 PM »
So long as that quote is accurate, Hoid cannot be a shard. Kell spoke directly to Hoid in The Final Empire.

And I'm thinking the other two Shards are the Dor and whomever is sending Returned back. Of course, that really belongs in the Shards thread.
Kelsier speaking to him directly would fit under the: "you've interacted directly with two of them" part would it not.  And it is true that brandon said that there are only two shards on Scadriel, but hoid is a planet jumper so he probably left the planet, or he isn't based on the planet, which would mean that there still are only two shards on the planet, as of now.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Hoid??
« on: December 18, 2008, 03:53:28 AM »
could he be a shard? Brandon had said that:
 You've interacted with two directly.
One is a tough call.  You've never met the Shard itself, but you've seen its power. 
The other one you have not met directly, but have seen its influence.

The characters have sometimes interacted with hoid, although in HoA Vin decided to skip the visit.  And we have possibily seen his influence, seeing how we don't know the extent of his powers, but he is appearing in multiple places so that might fit in. We also havent exactly met the shard directly, but everyone knows about ti, making it a tough call.... and we have seen its power, planet hopping

#3. Did Zane and Kelsier have the same hemalurgic spike, if Kelsier did in fact have a spike?
Kelsier did not have a hemalurgic spike. In addition, Sazed suggests that Zael may have spiked himself.

First off we don't know for sure whether or not Kelsier had a hemalurgic spike, and when I said same hemalurgic spike I meant did the two have the same type of  spike, if Kelsier did indeed have a spike, not were the two using the same spike.  The only reason I think that Kelsier had a hemalurgic spike is the fact that he, like Zane, had amazing control/skill with pushing and puling metals, as was shown in the battle against the inquisitor.

dont know if this has been asked yet, there are too many pages for me to read through, but Sazed mentions that Human played another role, one less significant than displaying how to make koloss, but one none the less. 
#1 I was just wondering what that was. 
And if that answer can't be given, was it in the book?
#2 Are the elantris world and the mistborn world on the same planet?
#3. Did Zane and Kelsier have the same hemalurgic spike, if Kelsier did in fact have a spike?
#4. Just concerning the metals presented on the poster, would the time "bubble") affect the allomancer burner the metal, or just everyone/thing else?
#5. Was Kelsier's trainer a real person or was it just an illusion created by Ruin(if Kelsier had a hemalurgis spike) so that Ruin was able to train Kelsier?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Hoid??
« on: December 13, 2008, 08:04:39 PM »
Except wouldn't Elantris mention 1,000 years of Ash and Mists?

Plus the fact that Brandon Sanderson said that the only two shards on Scadrial are Ruin and Preservation.
If Elantris and Mistborn were on the same world, where would the power of the Dor come from?

The people of elantris could have halted it.

Dor could have been introduced, possibly by Hoid.  Also, I would say that the shards end up taking a form, Ruin and Preservarion both had thought and bodies, so Dor might not be a shard or the shard itself is not on the planet.  Or it couldnt be true, but Brandon Sanderson did say: "There is life on the other pole.  I will RAFO any other questions about it, though."  When asked about life on the other side of the planet.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Hoid??
« on: December 13, 2008, 07:13:39 PM »

I agree that hoid is the same character.  Also, seeing how Brandon Sanderson mentioned that all of the worlds are somehow connected then hoid could just be travelling from world to world.  For instance both the Elantris world and the Mistborn world take place on one continent.  The two worlds could also be connected by the crack in the land in the Elantris world, because when Vin spun the world the movement of the spin and the new heat from the sun could have cracked the line.  The crack also could have occured when Sazed, or even the lord ruler ws rearranging the world; if it was Sazed who caused the crack then it would explain why there isn't mist or a constant ashfall.  Before the crack the people of elantris could have been holding off both.  The two books would be on the same planet, but different continents. 

Also, if Hoid has the ability to jump planets, as we presume, what if he also had the power to control people.  then he could have a diferent puppet on each world, all under the name hoid.  So instead of being on the planets all the time he would just have to jump to the planet once and take control of someone.

Or we could even use a Matrix theme and say that they are all in their subconciousness' living everyday lives with people around them when really they are all asleep, and Hoid is the only one not asleep, and he is controlling them, and also "apart" of the worlds making sure everything runs smoothly and no one suspects the truth.  he would therefore be an illusion in all of their "worlds".

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