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Hello all!  I'm not a usual forum-goer at all, but this Q&A was just too much to resist...thank you Brandon, not only for the great books (of which I have enjoyed many and the Hero of Ages I think is even better!  And yes that includes the ending... :'( ) but also for being so open about them.  The blogs, this forum, the annotations.  They are what all of us who are addicted to books are looking for.  

Anyways, I was just checking to see where those where Kelsier speaks and yes it was twice to Spook from about pg 404 and then at 445.  Later on he also talk to Vin in almost the same words he used when alive on pg 491 right after Marsh rips her earring out.  At first I thought he had been talking to Marsh also, but then I realized he was definitely still spiked...Marsh really is just that strong-willed.

I really enjoyed the epigraphs.  At first I thought they were by Vin, but after reading a few thinking that it was her, I realized that was just too scholarly sounding for her.  Even after I guessed Sazed it still gave me no clue as to what would happen at the end!  (Unfortunately I like reading too much and so go too fast, forgetting many details from earlier - like the opening line! :D )

Ok so now that I have blabbered a bit, my actual question is about the symbols for the metals.  (If this is already in another thread, please point me in the right direction!)   I'm assuming the symbols are made up from spikes for hemalurgy, crescents (rings, bracers) for feruchumy and beads for allomancy.  Does their placement in these symbols mean anything in terms of their uses?  As in, the ones with more spikes be more powerful for hemalurgy?  The bead on top for Allomancy?  two crescents for feruchumy?  Also some "pairs" have symbols that are visibly similar, whereas others are quite different (brass/zinc).     hehe...basically I guess I am asking whether there is any meaning to these symbols, or are they just symbols, like our own periodic table?   And what are these new symbols used at the beginning of chapters in HoA?   Maybe the poster will tell all...or at least some!

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