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I'd first like to say that this series was fantastic.  I was exceptionally pleased with how you tied everything together in this final book of the trilogy. 

This series has the best world-building, magic system, and over-arching plot of any epic fantasy I have ever read.  I think George R.R. Martin is still the master of creating memorable characters, developing them, and having them interact with each other.  Other authors, like Hobb and Rothfuss, are better at evincing emotion.  You are an amazing writer yourself.

That being said, I have a couple suggestions for you.

The first contradicts itself, so take it for what it is.  I would suggest that you write how you feel the story should be written.  Getting inspiration from someone is one thing, but changing your work because some people want a happy ending or dark ending takes away from the purity of writing.  The part you added in at the end where Sazed let Spook know Vin and Elend were happy in the afterlife really stuck me like a thorn.  I think it was apparent how happy they were together in life and how necessary their sacrifices were.  That would have been enough for me.

My other suggestion is more of a plea really.  Please don't extend this series just to capitalize on it.  If you really feel there is more story to be told, then tell it.  I, for one, thought the ending would have been perfect if allomancy, hemalurgy, and feruchemy would have faded from existence as their corresponding gods did.  It would have been rather romantic to have people start over with a new "normal" world.

Congratulations again on completing a masterful work!

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