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Title: Aug 15 Sir Robert Midas Gauntlet Chapter 2
Post by: Sir Robert on August 23, 2011, 03:33:49 AM
Hello all,

In chapter 2 Tommy continues his experience in the book world.  He meets the great wolf chief Rendall and gains his first talent.  At the end of the first chapter he finds himself on the edge of a battle and finds to his horror that he is in charge.

Chapter 1 Tommy Travers loves books,  He doesn't have any friends, doesn't care about sports and doesn't bother with girls.  At least not yet.  When he turns fourteen is when it all started.  As Tommy is reading his greatest wish is granted.  He is pulled into the story and gets to meet the characters and live the adventures he has always dreamed about.  His first experience is in People of the Plains, a book about a tribe of people who live with, and communicate with wolves.  He is pulled in during the hunt of a great buck.  Tommy gets to experience first hand the difference between reading and living an adventure.

Sir Robert